The Games Industry Gathering will be holding it's first IRL event!! With caution and optimism in mind, we are hosting an afternoon/evening outdoor catch-up in a park, including BBQ, games, and networking activities!

Made possible thanks to the sponsorship and support from Genvid, we are also collaborating with Seattle Indies (and Seattle Indie Expo), the event will only be open to invited guests, members of the GIG (who register), and everyone must show proof of vaccination.

The event will start at 3pm PT on Friday, 3rd of September and run until it gets too dark. We have permits for a local park in downtown Seattle, however the location will only be revealed to registered and invited guests closer to the event itself.

We'll have a BBQ going (with vegan options), drinks, outdoor games, and some networking activities. Feel absolutely free to bring any additional food, drinks, or games - we'll have a decent amount of picnic tables available as well.

We're aiming for this to be a similar vibe to the GIG Zoom calls - hang out, chill out, make new industry friends, catch up with old colleagues. Look forward to hopefully seeing y'all in person!



No exceptions. You will need to show your printed vaccine card or a photo of it on your phone. You will also be required to sign a waiver when you arrive.

This is a strictly private event, open only to those that were either invited or had their registration approved, so no additional friends, partners, or kids. If you are a GIG member and you didn't register to attend this event, you cannot attend (plus we've got permits and food for only a certain number of people sorry!)

This is an official GIG event, so GIG rules apply. Note that if you are asked to leave this event due to breaking GIG rules (e.g. harassing, making someone feel uncomfortable, etc) you will also be removed from the entire GIG community.

Side note: Photos at this event will be allowed, however we will be providing 'no photo' stickers to add to your nametags, to indicate you don't want to be included in photos without asking permission first.