As part of your ticket to DevGAMM Spring you will be getting access to this week's Games Industry Gathering, the largest and most exclusive gaming industry networking event in the world.

Once you log in (via the ZOOM client) you'll be part of the event where every 20 minutes you're put into a randomized group with 4-5 professionals in the games industry. You'll connect with people you may not typically meet, find unique opportunities to socialize, and maybe even have some interesting business discussions.

Think of it like the bar next door to the gaming convention that we're all attending, except you can hear everyone more clearly and it's a much safer environment!

Please be sure to abide by the event's main rules:

Unless it's agreed upon by everyone on the screen at any given time, this isn't a group where the conversations would end up being streamed online. A few photos for social is fine, but ask permission first.

Just like a real convention party, plenty of people are meeting and greeting without knocking back shots of tequila, so no pressure either way.

Any form of harassment, such as but not limited to gender identity/expression, race, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, or religion, will not be tolerated. If anyone makes a complaint against you to the hosts, we will immediately kick you from the event. More details on policies can be found here.

The event will begin on FRIDAY 14th MAY and run from 9PM MSK to 9AM MSK (yup, 12 hours, as there are professionals from all over the world that take part).

Make sure you download the latest Zoom software to join.

RUSSIA (MSK) 9PM (14th May) - 9AM (15th May)
EUROPE (CEST) 8PM (14th May) - 8AM (15th May)
UK (BST) 7PM (14th May) - 7AM (15th May)
USA (PDT) 11AM (14th May) - 11PM (14th May)
USA (EDT) 2PM (14th May) - 2AM (15th May)


(note: link will only work during the time the event is running)

Meeting ID: ID: 850 9216 0928
Password: Devg@mm


For any questions or concerns you can contact
us via