The all-digital E3 and Summer Games Fest fills the void of announcements and consumer hype, but what about the chance for the games industry to mingle with old friends and randomly meet new ones?

Not to worry, we're bringing the JW lobby to you... digitally speaking.

Created at the start of the pandemic and grown to over 3000 members worldwide, the Games Industry Gathering is now the largest and most exclusive gaming industry networking event in the world. In collaboration with, we're opening it up to the rest of the industry for this one special event as a replacement for our usual mid-year pilgrimage.

How's it work (TLDR)? It's a ZOOM thing where every 20 minutes you're put into a randomized group with 4-5 professionals in the games industry. Turn up at any point, leave whenever you want, it's super casual with a 'host' available at all times to make sure you're looked after. You'll connect with people you may not typically meet, find unique opportunities to socialize, and maybe even have some interesting business discussions.

It's the JW lobby, except you can hear everyone more clearly, there's no line to the bathroom, and it's a much safer and inclusive environment!


The event will begin on TUESDAY 15th JUNE and will run for 12 hours to accomodate as many folks in as many regions around the world.

USA (PDT) 11AM (15th June) - 11PM (15th June)
USA (EDT) 2PM (15th June) - 2AM (16th June)
UK (BST) 7PM (15th June) - 7AM (16th June)
EUROPE (CEST) 8PM (15th June) - 8AM (16th June)
AUSTRALIA (AEST) 4AM (16th June) - 4PM (16th June)


Want to stop by? Simply hit the button below and fill in the form, we'll check your credentials and you'll recieve the login details the day before the event!

For any questions or concerns you can contact
us via