The Games Industry Social

San Francisco 2024 Edition

Games Industry Gathering & present...


Games Industry Gathering (GIG) and present an IRL party held in San Francisco during the week of GDC. Featuring an exclusive outdoor undercover space with tables and board games, an allocation of vouchers for food and drink from various food trucks and carts, plus a chance to show off and take part in the legendary GamesIndustry.Quiz!


The event will be held on Monday, March 18th from 5pm - 9pm PT.


An outdoor covered venue, about an 8 minute car trip from the Moscone Center where GDC is held. Full details provided on RSVP approval.


This event is only available for registered members of the Games Industry Gathering. No plus-1 s. If you aren't a member, you can register here.

Big thanks to our sponsors of this event 1SP and Renaissance PR, whose support is giving you those free drink/food vouchers on entry!

1SP  Renaissance PR


We are hiring dedicated security for this event to ensure no-one sneaks in as well as keeping an eye on any innapropriate behavior. Every attendee will be namebadged and identifiable. GIG Rules here are in effect, if you break them you will be immediately removed from the event as well as the entire GIG membership.

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